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L & P World

LNP WORLD has been in the furniture and chair manufacturing business for a considerable amount of time and consequently has garnered valued experience of more than 5 years in manufacturing chairs both to suit the individual tastes, preferences and choices of the customers, as well as for mass production.

In addition to a satisfied and returning clientele, LMP WORLD enjoys a place of respect and trust among his customers which are owed to his fine business policies ensuring prompt delivery, smooth service, flawless products, honest business dealings and a firm conviction that the customer is king and is always right.

Currently, LMP WORLD operates from Delhi. This sound business model ensures that customers from NCR cities can access his impeccable services and can provide orders for chairs or ask for the various services provided by our organization with ease.

We specialize in manufacturing a number of chairs, from the very basic to the very lucrative. We believe in serving and providing every customer that comes to us with his or her requirements and thus, have a wide and varied clientele who are immensely satisfied by the services we provide and the products we deliver.

In addition to mass produced furniture, we encourage our customers to submit their own designs and concepts for furniture- in accordance to their own tastes and preferences and individual ideas for indoor décor-and are happy to oblige in meeting the requirements. In truth, each and every such request is a challenge for us and we take such challenge at a very personal level. We strive to meet the challenge and we have so far only experienced success- in each and every case that came to us.

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